Encouraging Your American Dream!


We all have that dream; a dream of being paid for doing what we love! It takes a lot to manage all the aspects of running a business. It can be especially hard to know how to market yourself effectively and affordably. ZTech Digital offers to come alongside small business owners and nonprofits to develop an attractive, customized web presence, and unified brand at a fair price.

Providing The Building Blocks For Better Marketing


While ZTech Digital is not a marketing firm, we do help you obtain what you need in order to develop an effective marketing strategy and campaign. The first building block is developing a unified brand. Creating a web presence (such as your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) which will best suit your business provides several more blocks. Finally, printed media from business cards to banners and everything in between, make up the rest of the building blocks for your marketing strategy.

No Business Is Too Small



Many of our clients are sole proprietorships. ZTech Digital has helped grow awareness of each of our clients, allowing them to bring in more businesses. It’s hard enough being in business. Sometimes it can be even harder to be taken seriously as a professional in your field when you are the new person. ZTech Digital has the knowledge and experience to help navigate our clients through many common mistakes made with email, social media and other digital faux paus which can either make or break your Brand.

What Is A Web Presence?


A Web Presence is so much more than a website; in addition to a traditional website, a Web Presence utilizes a specific combination of social media platforms to actually connect to and interact with current and potential clients. This requires effort and dedication on the part of any business, however, the payoff can be very rewarding. With so many different online locations to keep track of for both you and your visitors, a unified brand is critical. A Unified Brand ties all of your online presences together as if to present multiple facets of the same brand.